Beautiful Saturday

Beautiful Saturday

Hello Saturday and a beautiful one at that.

I have all my windows open to a quiet street. The bars by me are done for the summer season and it gets so peaceful here. Look at that beautiful water so calm. Understand I took this picture from inside my house on my comfy chair. If I went to where my Marshy was sitting it would have been even better. However I have no need the view is breathtaking.

It has been another whole summer without any work on that hotel that will eventually block my view from that window. I have two and the other side is just as beautiful but I’d have to get up because my sliding glass door is in the way of a good picture. From what I heard they needed the permits to start on the bulkhead first. They still haven’t started that work so I don’t know what is happening. The empty lot has mounds of dirt with grass growing over it. This lot sold for over 3 million dollars so I’m sure eventually it will be built on but for now I still have my beautiful view right from my comfy chair.

I’m feeling ok. I didn’t sleep so well last night which always creates a problem with my MS. I had to use the bathroom every 2 hours and sometimes I just couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m thankful today is Saturday and is one of the days I’m alone to do my own thing including rest. I hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday themselves and a wonderful weekend.

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