A Friday potluck

A Friday potluck

Ok where to start…

I took my first dose of Adderall yesterday and I must say by the late afternoon I was feeling pretty upbeat. Today is day two and I honestly have no idea if I even took it. Right now I don’t feel as awake as I did yesterday. I’m feeling wiped out and it’s only 10am. I didn’t even exercise yet.

My infusion for Rituxan is scheduled for September 15. I made so many calls to get things moving never realizing I actually set a date with my nurse already. Who remembers this six months later. Needless to say we did set a date and all the approvals shouldn’t be an issue since it is the same drug and insurance. Is it possible for the first time I will have no hiccups or problems with my infusion?

My dad is in surgery as I am writing this blog. It is another hernia operation, he had had them before. It is difficult because he’s in Florida and I’m in New York. You feel almost helpless both the day of surgery and during the recovery. My stepmom takes on all the weight and I give her so much credit. I love my dad but he is NOT the easiest patient. She stays strong for the rest of the family back in NY. I don’t have words for the relief that it brings me and my family knowing she’s there.

My mom fell twice this week. My kind of falls. She was rushing and her foot got stuck on the floor while her body was in motion and down she went. Nothing broken but bumped and bruised. Then she tripped when her toe caught on a piece of metal. It sounded almost like foot drop to me when you just don’t clear the obstacle with the front of your foot. She doesn’t have foot drop but it was a similar fall. Cut up her foot needed a tetanus shot. More bumps and bruises.

Me I’m still tired. Took me an hour to write this blog because I’m trying to fix my refrigerator, call a new nursing agency and deal with 20 other things happening at the same time. Still haven’t looked to see if I took my pill.

It’s Friday though. I’m thankful for lots of things. My daughter got a job with dogs in Albany. She’s excited. I’m getting my nails done today finally. I placed my first order with Thrive Market https://thrivemarket.com/myaisle/ which I have been dying to use. My puppies are both sitting with me all cute. My windows are open. Dee, my aid, is vacuuming and I’m going to work out. Have a great weekend.

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