Swimming in not quite laps

Swimming in not quite laps

I have to laugh at myself. I went in my pool yesterday but it was murky. They had put chemicals in it to clear it up. I waited 30 minutes outside the pool for all the levels to be alright but it was still murky. I went swimming anyway because I was tired and wanted to swim at least for 30 minutes. I learned a valuable lesson.

I can’t swim straight!!!

I’d be swimming along and end up at a wall on the other side of the pool. I go on diagonals end up at the steps to get out when I started on the complete opposite end. At one point i swam horizontal and ended up at the wall to the extreme right of where I started. I bumped my head at the surprise being there. I’d look up after a lap and laugh and it was far from a consistent swim.

This was all with goggles by the way. I just couldn’t see my bottom markers in the pool and I ended up swimming all over the place. I’d try to correct myself when I’d pop up to breathe but sometimes I was so of course I’d laugh before I could re-correct. All these months of swimming laps and it’s good to know I can’t swim straight. Next time I’ll wait until I can see the bottom.

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  1. I’m proud of you – keep up with the swimming! When I swim lakes I cannot see the bottom and in the past would go every direction but straight. I know have my friend in a kayak paddle straight and it is up to me to stay along side the kayak.

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