Still out of spoons

Still out of spoons

My dogs like candy corn. What a strange thing for them to eat!!! Both of them gobbled every piece I put in front of them. I ate candy corn for lunch and dinner, good diet. I had a very long day and didn’t eat until after 5 o’clock. By then I just grabbed food. I went to the grocery store and I’m a sucker for candy corn. I wasn’t planning on eating it but my night when I got home was one thing after another I was exhausted and just grabbed the bag instead of heating up food.

I went to my neurologist who was running about an hour late. Very unlike him but he had just got back from vacation. He filled out my form for me, is doing a peer to peer appeal on provigil and in the meantime prescribed Adderall in a low dose. Not the ideal drug but hopefully we will win a peer to peer appeal.

My mom had a great idea to contact the drug company to see if they have patient assistance program. It was a great idea but I was so drained by the time she called I couldn’t look up anything. I did some research this morning and provigil has a generic which I could get for as low as $32 a month. I’ve been suffering and jumping through pharmacy hoops and I could just get it for a small price. Very annoying. My doctor office is closed today so I will call tomorrow.

My refrigerator hose for my water sprung a leak. So if I try to get my water through the refrigerator or the ice maker tries to make ice, the water shoots out of the hose in the back. This was my other issue I had to deal with yesterday. I had the brilliant idea to get waterproof tape to tape up the hose. So that was the big project after the doctor and the grocery store. I taped the whole thing and it didn’t work. Water just poured from other areas. I probably didn’t tape it well since by this time it was just me and I was out of energy. I ended up throwing towels down and calling my handyman.

Today is another long day. I’m exhausted and it didn’t start. Wish me luck. Happy hump day.

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