Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

I can’t discuss one of the online dating sites without discussing probably the biggest free site. For me personally I wasn’t active on this site for a while because it was free and that being said, married men are on it, fake profiles are there, and without and real identification of who these people were (no payment tracking ID), I very always felt it wasn’t so safe.  However I decided the other day to reactivity my profile and HOLY CHEESE ITZ!!! My fingers couldn’t keep up with the amount of messages coming through.  First it was 4, and I try to talk to everyone because like I’ve said with my 100% WRONG guy finding technique I figure something has to change, then 6 then 9.  Wow join a site on a holiday weekend.  Now it’s quiet again men are back at work.

Still no dates although three guys completely read my profile and were cool with the MS and one has my number so we’ll see.

on another note I spent the evening after the very nice bbq at my sisters house with my 70lb bulldog on my lap. He freaks out from fireworks but since most days he’s clear across the couch staring at me or sleeping, I was pretty happy.  Although if you could loose weight from being smushed I’d be 10lbs thinner today.

Hope everyone has a happy day. Feel free to comment anytime or request a topic.  God knows I have many to talk about. Xoxo

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