The reality of my situation

The reality of my situation

It’s been four days that I have owned the condo. However it’s only been three days that my new scooter has been in my condo. I have to admit it, life is a lot easier in the scooter. I’m getting tired doing the walking. Every day is a struggle and it’s just getting harder and harder. My steps are getting slower and slower. I do the simplest task and I am just completely wiped out. Then I have to walk someplace, even if it’s just to my car, it’s just so overwhelmingly daunting. I literally just count the steps until I’m there. The exhaustion has been like this now probably about three weeks maybe a little more. I pack a box and I’m just wiped. I sit on my couch and I just can’t do anything else for the day. Now I don’t even have a couch to sit on, I sold it. However, the walking has been getting more difficult for some time. When I was a zipping around in my scooter the other day and finally got up to walk with a walker, I was just in great shape to do it. That exhaustion level wasn’t there. The was a relief. My new chair is so much smaller, that it allows me the freedom to move around easily in the condo. Plus, we also didn’t over furnish the place where I was constantly banging into furniture.

One of the main reasons the scooter can’t come it’s my life full-time is because my car can’t handle it. I am in a lease and I have the lease for another year and a half, and my car can handle a scooter even on the back. It will definitely be something my next car must have, which I’ve always known. I think that’s why I made sure this car was something that I really wanted. So I did a two door sportier looking car in black as my last final car. If things get really bad there is one option of selling my daughters car, giving her my car to finish out the lease and buying myself a car that works. That would unfortunately once again leave me with two car payments that I can’t afford. My hope of course is that I can last another year and a half, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t even think it’s going to last the half a year. It’s unfortunately the true reality of my situation. It’s not ideal and not the happiest outcome. However, it is the truth and it’s not the worst thing in the world. My new condo was purposely bought knowing this is probably my future and it was perfect for me when that time came.

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  1. Hopefully that can be temporary as many things in MS which are always like a roller coaster ride. In your previous post you talked about your scooter and that you was changing your old one for a brand new. Which scooter are you using now?

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