Me and my dogs

Me and my dogs

It’s Friday again. That was fast. These weeks seem to be speeding up. Could you believe Christmas is a week from Monday?Didn’t we just say it’s the last month of the year? In 16 days is the new year. On Monday, Zoey, my French Bulldog, will be with us for a year already. Unfortunately, Christmas Day, marks a full year that my Boomer, my 70 pound English bulldog, has been gone a full year. One happy and one sad. My daughter and I were talking yesterday in the car. How I was so set on having male animals that when Zoey came along, I was a little reluctant to keep her. Now, I don’t even think I’d want a male. I think the female, besides their size, are quieter. She’s more loving, not just with me but at the other people. Of course that could just be her. I know every dog is different. I just find her more easy-going, mellow and definitely more compact.

I think about Boomer, he was 70 pounds. However I would go to an English bulldog again in a second. He was just a couch potato. He never barked, and if he did you paid attention. He wasn’t the most affectionate dog. I think that’s why my daughter always love the French bulldog more. For me, as much as I absolutely adore my dogs, I still want my English bulldog. I just love their lumpiness and their disposition. Although I have to say, after Boomer passed, it was probably a good thing that I ended up by Zoey, another French bulldog, and not another English. There would of been a comparison to Boomer at that time. As it was in the beginning, I was mad at Zoey. She was here a week before Boomer died and I was convinced she killed him. As silly as that was, in my grief, that was how I thought. Of course now and she is my girl. I love her to pieces. Couldn’t imagine life without her. But I definitely think my next dog will be a female English bulldog. I just don’t know how I’m gonna walk them. Maybe by then I’ll be rich and I can pay someone. I’m sure I can even house train her somehow. This is yet another frustration with multiple sclerosis. Simple life activities like walking a dog, I can’t do. I have to figure out a plan just to accomplish that. Just to have an dog that brings me such joy is a major obstacle. My frenchies now are both house trained.

Right now I am very happy with my two dogs. I still miss Boomer. He was a good dog. It’s hard not to think of him especially with him dying on such a major holiday. I will forever be grateful for him being in my life with his unconditional love without him I would never have had Marshy and then Zoey.

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  1. Hi First let me say I love your blog! I can relate to the love you have for your dog children. My dogs are my world, they love me when Im down, they keep my secrets and all they want is love💝

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