Not losing weight and no answers why…

Not losing weight and no answers why…

Very frustrating. I’ve now done two separate blood work tests and no answers. The bloodwork my neurologist requested showed six different deficiencies in all my B cells which was expected. That’s what Ocrevus, my main medicine for MS, is suppose to do. The rest of the panel including my thyroid was fine. Two days later bloodwork was drawn from my OB/GYN. Here I was checking to see if I was possibly in pre-menopause. When she called me she informed me that that my thyroid level was elevated. That it look like I possibly had hypothyroidism, which would be the culprit for why I wouldn’t be losing weight. When you have hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down making weight loss very difficult.

I immediately spoke to my neurologist, not even realizing at first her blood work, tested for this also. She told me high doses of biotin, like I’m currently on and had been on for sometime, can cause a false test of the thyroid gland in bloodwork. It was then we also realized, in her bloodwork results my thyroid gland was perfectly fine two days before. Again pointing to the real culprit in the biotin causing an incorrect reading of the lab results. We decided to come off the biotin for a week and test the results again.

So once again, today is my weigh in day at weight watchers. Unfortunately, I can’t go though because I’m getting a delivery of furniture in the condo. However my scale which is completely accurate to the weight watcher scale says I gained .8 exactly what I lost last week. Once again tracking everything I eat, limiting sugar and not cheating. Makes no sense.

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  1. Morning, Jaime!

    Hope this finds you well….Miss ya!

    One thought I had, when reading your (always) honest post, was the importance of exercise to weight loss. (At the risk of stating the obvious).

    I often eat very healthy and still gain weight, however, when I’m exercising regularly, it matters a whole lot less how strict my diet is, and the weight loss effort becomes much more effective.

    To that end, and realizing your physical limitations, I didn’t want to assume it’s a simple solution for you, so I was thinking about exercises that are recommended for people battling MS.

    Water-based exercise is one of the reccommendations listed here and a daily/weekly routine can be quite satisfying:

    For me, swimming is my exercise of choice and at the pool I go to (Nassau county aquatic center in Eisenhower Park), there are many folks with disabilities and adaptive equipment to accommodate almost anyone.

    Let me know if you ever want to go. I’d be happy to pick you up.



    1. Jason this wonderful. Funny because it wasn’t MS that stopped exercise it was my shoulder tendinitis. However my new condo has a indoor/outdoor pool and I’m planning on doing water exercise as often as possible. Thank you so much. Love you you can come swim here any time you want. 😘

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