Home again with ramps

Home again with ramps

I’m sitting in my van outside my mom and stepdad’s house. The home I grew up in but haven’t entered in close to a year. I became unable to navigate the deck steps to get inside.

Between those steps and the leaves I can’t even imagine how slippery it is besides difficult. Today I’m here because they are installing a ramp for me through another entrance in the house. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

This will be the first time I’ve entered this house in close to a year. With four different doors to gain access to my childhood home, each one has steps The house is a ranch with all the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room on one floor. There is a one step down sunken in living room that leads to an office, which was part of the garage. There is a basement with a rickety set of stairs that I’ll never be in again. I’ll pull through.

The ramp was set up by the nicest guy Mike from Greenvale pharmacy, which is on Long Island in NY https://www.greenvalerx.com/.

I wheeled myself up into the house for the first time to a Yeahs!!!! My mom, stepdad, sister and even aid all cheered. It was a big thing for me to once again have the ability to come into my home. It may sound silly because I don’t live there but to me and my family it felt like a really big deal. I can now go home again whenever I want to visit. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I wasn’t there for so long. This house is also my home and the smells, look and feeling were instant comfort and happiness. I was home.

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