I own a condo

I own a condo

Technically I don’t own it,  but it’s mine. But I happy day it was. I’m sharing my picture which I normally would never do because it’s not a flattering shot at the smile on my face was pure joy.

This is my mom and my stepdad with me. They were just as happy. It was exciting to go to the condo with my own set of keys and open the door and see this….

My own blank slate. It was the first time to see the rooms without furniture and actually see how big they were. The first room is my daughter’s the second is mine.

When my painter/handyman came we discussed everything we wanted to do and met at a store to pick paint colors. I have to give a lot of compliments to this man. He is the fiancé to my friend who has MS as well. Which means he totally understood my issues. By the time we got to the paint store, I was so exhausted, I could not walk. He went in and brought out every paint sample, so I can make a decision from my car. I don’t know too many people that do that.

I kind of figured yesterday was going to be rough because the adrenaline and excitement of closing and going back-and-forth to the condo. And I was exactly right my body was beyond fatigued. Last night I also sold my couch. And even though I didn’t help them move the couch just the couple of things I had to do, it was beyond my limits even hours after I was home. It’s going to be rough couple of weeks and now I may need to ask for help from family and friends. However, I own a condo and I love everything about it.

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  1. Im sooooo happy for you!!! Omg your
    Mom looks like she could be your sister!!! What an amazing family you have, you are so blessed

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