My boo boo feet

My boo boo feet

It happened again. I got blisters on my pinky toes and wearing shoes became quite an issue. It started about a month ago where my shoes started rubbing and I knew it was going to be a problem. Guess what, it was. I’ve been wearing the same sneakers for a long time never had a problem and all of a sudden they’ve become tight. The truth is I even know why. I didn’t take my water pill for a couple of weeks my feet must’ve started swelling again and that’s what happened.

When I went to the podiatrist the blister had popped but it took off all the skin with it. So I basically have an open cut on the side of my little toe. No wonder it hurts. I guess the good part in this was when I did go my pinky toes were purple and he said I did have Raynaud’s Syndrome as I always suspected. That’s is caused by poor circulation. Since my aunt and sister have it, I can finally not blame MS for one thing. The swelling that goes on which they never found a reason to, that they blame on the MS.

It was my fault, I don’t know why I just didn’t take water pills and my feet swelled bad I guess. Now I know I have to take them. The problem is my body takes a long time to heal. This open cut has already been hurting for over a week. It’s still raw. It will take a month or more to fully heal. That is also due to MS and the medicines I take. It’s no joke simple things like a blister turn into big problems.

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