oh my God it’s today, we close on the condo. We all meet at 10 o’clock this morning and by 11 o’clock, I will have the keys to my new place. It’s so surreal. I was there yesterday to do the walk-through and it was basically clean but there was still some stuff laying around. Today when I come in will be my blank slate. Today I’ll see the condo for the first time with absolutely nothing there.

I’m so fortunate, one of my friends fiancé is a painter and handyman and we hired him immediately. I’m meeting him at 1 o’clock today at the condo to go over some of the stuff that we need to do before I move in. My official move-in date is still two weeks and two days away. It’s pretty simple but we need to get done. We’re changing the locks. We have to enlarge the door to my closet. We’re painting the condo. Mostly it’s going to be a whitish color, I don’t live in a world of bright colors. However, my daughter does and she’s going to have her room blue. She wanted her bathroom purple but we had to deny that request because even though it’s her bathroom it’s still the main bathroom in the hall as well. Finally the last thing we might do is put in to the tiles in the shower a grip bar. If not then we will wait until we redo the shower. I have this wonderful grip thing I bought from CVS that I use all the time now and it works perfectly.

I have a furniture delivery on Thursday which will consist of my couches, my big comfy chair, my coffee tables and my fireplace mantle piece. Nothing else comes until the 27th which is the big move. I might’ve sold my couch in my apartment. Considering I still do actually have two weeks and two days until I move, and I sold all my dining room chairs, I may have nowhere to sit and watch TV in my living room anymore. Not much I can do about that. I had to sell the couch. So it looks like I’ll be sitting on the floor watching TV every day or I’ll have to go into my room. Truthfully it’s not really a big deal, I’ll figure out a way to make comfortable.

The fun really begins now. I’ll be at the condo every day back-and-forth between my apartment. Packing and unpacking. It’s gonna be a rough couple weeks. I had a feeling it was going to be so I had to get myself up for it. Hopefully my multiple sclerosis is going to hold up as well. Right now though I am so excited. Pictures to come later so check back.

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