No going back now

No going back now

My apartment I’m living in has already been rented. A nice woman came yesterday and immediately left a deposit. First person to see the place. No going back now. Well hopefully we close before December 31st otherwise I’m homeless. I know we will but it still made my mother and I a little nervous. This other woman is putting notice on her apartment with her landlord so it’s like a ripple effect. Work done in the condo or not, I need to be out of this place by December 31. I was a little sad with this woman taking pictures and walking around the apartment. I guess that’s normal, it’s been my house for 11 years, just never my home.

Tonight my mom and I are going to the condo. Taking measurements and going furniture shopping. We are going to take a closer look at the carpet in my bedroom and see if we are going to change it now or wait. My daughter is definitely getting new carpet. We will look in all the closets to see exactly how much storage I have and check the basement storage area too. Now fun things begin.

I’m buying a new couch, finally. My couch now is super comfortable but I can’t get off it easily with my MS. I am going to be buying for myself a chair like a BarcaLounger that I can easily stand up from. This is something I need because of issues I now have with my MS to make life easier. I honestly can’t wait for that change. I’m getting new chairs for my glass table in the dining room. I’ve had this glass table for 20 years. It was originally my grandmothers. It’s all glass and it’s a great table but the chairs are horrible. So that’s on the list to buy. I need two nightstands to match my bedroom furniture and maybe a chest to put blankets in. That’s about it. Not too terrible but definitely fun. It’s all exciting and I can’t wait until the weeks become a countdown of days.  Yippee!!!

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