I’m ready to go

I’m ready to go

Last night I went back to the condo for the first time since we put the offer in, which was back in September. The first question my Mom asked is do you still love it, the answer was absolutely. I’m so excited it is so gorgeous. The first thing I did was walk over to the balcony and look outside  and I was not disappointed. The view is even better than my picture show. Her cat was sleeping on one of the little couchs on the balcony and all I could think is my dogs are going to love this. It is just one gigantic window view.  More amazing is that the balcony was warm.  The doors of the balcony were closed and the heat in the apartment was it was like another room to the house just with a really good view. The last place I went was the bedroom, which is going to be my bedroom, and the view I’m going to have every morning when I wake up so amazing.  I just want to leave right now. I couldn’t of been more happy. This woman  I’m buying the condo from is a neat freak her house is pristine  I know we’re going to come and paint, but I don’t even know if we need to. Everything is super super clean. Last night she even took us to the storage areas which were across the hall from the condo. She has three lockers three lockers, huge bins. There is three times the size of my pantry now. Anything I was worried about was storage I don’t have to worry about anymore.

My mom and I headed to the furniture store after seeing the condo and picked out a couch, a big oversized lounger for me and four dining room chairs.  We decided to go with a grey family of colors because it was something new that I’ve never had. I’ve always had the brown family in my living room. I don’t know why. I actually had a green couch in my house but ever since then it’s been brown or taupe. My mother thought I should try new color again, I agreed. So we got a really nice gray couch for people to sit on that I can get up from. Then oversized lounger, which is really where I’ll probably sit most of the time,  I had to make sure he has enough room for both me, marshmallow and Zoey and I can get up from. That was the biggest thing and it does. My furniture delivery is scheduled for December 14. Not that I have a closing date yet. Not that the condo looked even remotely packed yet. But it’s getting closer. I’m ready to go.

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  1. I am so excited for you and your new home!! I love the idea of a gray scheme. I have always had beige everywhere I have lived and considering we just bought our furniture when we bought our townhouse, I can’t really buy anything new, yet! I absolutely love the over sized lounger too! That is going to be a great comfortable place for you to just chill!!!! I hope you get your closing date soon. I know you must be beyond excited for this move!!!!!!!

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