Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was a good day

It’s important to talk about the good days when you have MS as it is the bad days. It started out in my pool. I swam my 25 laps. I’m happy to say that I’ve been back to swimming my 25 laps for about 2 weeks now. Took a long time for my body to bounce back from the set back I had in July with cellulitis but it finally did. Also I’ve been drinking water during my swimming and that has actually helped with the aches. However, I think it was in reaction to me working up to doing my full laps. I believe it was part fatigue.

After I went and got my nails done. I’ve gone to the same place for a long time and they don’t really speak English well. It made for a pretty quiet hour. I ran into this friend at my bbq recently and we know each other well without knowing each other well, if you know what I mean. She does nails and told me to come to her. We had so much to talk about the time flew by. She charged me next to nothing which was an added bonus but it was more about the conversation and the laughs. I now have a new place for my nails.

When I got home I got a note from someone in the building who had finally programmed my key fob for the entry doors of my condo. Now I have keyless entry for the doors. Understand this fob was purchased back in February and I’ve been waiting all this time for it to be programmed. There were some issues with the company that supplied the fobs going out of business and no one knew how to program the thing. Finally, I have the keyless entry. Whoop whoop.

However the best part of my day was the knock on my door to tell me the elevator in my building is fixed. That saga has been tough. I can finally put my scooter away and go to my car with my walker again.

Oh and my MS wasn’t bad either ?. Have a happy Friday.

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