Marshmallow came home

Marshmallow came home

His ashes came separate from his urn. A meltdown. I knew that this error would make the process of getting his ashes emotionally more difficult. I was correct. Years ago, when I lost Boomer, I never saw his ashes. The urn was closed and I still have no idea how to even open the box. I didn’t know what to expect.

It wasn’t ashes. It was like gravel and small rock like pebbles.  Jusr holding that in my hands after the last memory of holding him listless in my arms, it just didn’t go well. This whole thing with this pet cemetery was just not as good as the one that we had with Boomer. I just didn’t know there really could be such a difference.

Thankfully my sweet daughter was here. She unscrewed the urn and put Marshy’s remains in the box. At this point I opened another box which had his paw print and I was crying so I was pretty useless.

Marshy was placed directly next to Boomer on a shelf in my room.

I miss him. I miss him at night sleeping at my feet.

I miss his face in the morning

I miss seeing his ears on his chair on the porch.

I’m just sad. I miss his face.

I’m glad I took so many pictures of my baby boy. ❤️❤️.

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