The strange MS symptoms back again

The strange MS symptoms back again

I haven’t talked about my MS in so long. It hasn’t been too bad, thankfully. I did end up on the floor after I worked out in the evening. Totally Rocked This I had this great work out but it did make me extremely tired and my recovery wasn’t quite on point. So transferring into my wheelchair didn’t go so well. I didn’t panic, or cry. It took me a little bit but I eventually got myself up and I was OK.

Strangely this morning I woke up with the feeling that I just smoked packs of cigarettes. I’m not sure if I really ever had that MS hug symptom but to me this is what it would feel like. It’s happened to me before but it hasn’t happened in a really really really long time. I wrote about the same feeling back in 2017 saying the same thing. Three years later I’m quoting the same feelings. At least I’m consistent. I feel better now than when I woke up but I can still feel a slight tightness. Didn’t stop my workout and it isn’t effecting my breathing or anything. It has just been a really long time since I’ve felt this symptom.

What makes symptoms go and come back? I have that with a few symptoms. Lhermitte’s is one of those weird ones for me. That one has come and gone easily for 10 years. I’ll be fine for months on end then all of a sudden it’s back again. My spasms are also weird like that sometimes they’re through my back continuously then they’re completely gone and then they’re back again. I guess it’s all the miss firing of nerves and stuff like that it’s just weird. If I have nerve damaged and it doesn’t get any better why does sometimes it not do these misfires and then sometimes do? You know what I mean?

Anyway that’s what I woke up with today. Been a long time for this symptom but it’s not one I haven’t had. I really don’t know if it’s considered the MS hug. To me that just sounded like that might be the answer of what was actually happening, but it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t really have too much impact on my day even if it doesn’t disappear for a couple of days. otherwise thankfully I’ve been doing status quo and for an MS patient I’ll take that.

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