How I became a fan of Star Trek

How I became a fan of Star Trek

Many, many, many years ago I use to babysit for cousins of the family. They use to come home really late like 2am. What was even worse was the only tv they used was this giant screen they had in the basement. It would have been fine but he was a big movie buff. He owned a video store before the days of Blockbuster and way before DVDs. His basement was shelved all around with scary masks from so many different movie sets. Many were authentic, I’m sure. Didn’t matter to me, I was 15 or 16 and when I was alone down in that basement they scared the shit out of me. I hated those masks and there were so many of them all staring down at me from that shelf. There were at least 50. Hated them!!!

However, he had a great movie collection. I could watch just about anything. At that time movies on tape was still new so having access to a library like that was fun. I use to watch Rocky Horror with the kids, they loved it. Did you know there was actually a sequel to that movie? Shock Treatment!!! Just some trivia for you. I knew and saw that at 15 thanks to my cousin. It was also where I saw my first porno Debbie Does Dallas but let’s not talk about that side of his movie collection. If it wasn’t for those masks and the time 12:00 rolled around I could have been entertained until 5 in the morning.

Every Saturday night at 12:00 I had to tape a program for him for weeks. On one of the cable channels, also fairly new, they aired Star Trek commercial free 3 episodes in a row. This was still the dark ages where you could video tape a show but couldn’t change the channel. My option was to watch Star Trek or go upstairs and sit in this little room to watch the small black and white tv without cable. I always stayed downstairs and I’d watch Star Trek.

Each week I’d see the all if not the majority of the 3 episodes and somewhere along the line I started to like them. My favorite episode is trouble with tribbles. My cousin actually had one that was used in the show. This brown fuzzy pillow thing. BTW he also had a light saber, just saying. Anyway now I’m still a huge Star Trek fan of the original series and the movies. I’ve seen all the spin offs but they’re not the same. I’m just a James T Kirk kind of girl. Plus I’m a big William Shatner fan. I started watching the series, commercial free, on Netflix and it brought me back to the times in that basement. It’s amazing how things you hate become things you love.

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