A meltdown

A meltdown

I got a package yesterday from the pet memorial place. I was certain it was the urn for my Marshy with his ashes and paw prints. I actually went downstairs to the guard booth to pick it up myself. I didn’t want it sitting there. I was already anxious and upset. These were what was left of my sweet boy.

I opened the box and the urn, while pretty, was larger than I expected. It was also light, too light. Was Marshmallow in there? Where was his paw prints? I did as I was instructed to do. Go on the website, pick out the urn and notify them that I did so. I did all that. I even wrote in the notes on the order who the ashes were for. Where was Marshy and how the hell do you even open this urn?

It was after 5 and their office was closed but I called anyway. I stayed on the line for an emergency pick up of a loved pet. In my tears I spoke to a nice gentleman from their answering service. He couldn’t help me but at least was nice and let me know they are opened tomorrow morning. I think he is used to crying families because he was actually very calming in that moment.

Turns out they gave me the wrong information from the beginning. I was supposed to find the urn I like and call back for them to place the order. This was not at all how it was explained. Now I have to transfer my mellybean’s ashes to the urn myself. Yeah that’s not too upsetting for me. His ashes and paw prints will be here Monday.

All I can say is Boomer was handled by a different place and they were just so much better. It is hard enough loosing a pet. This part shouldn’t be so traumatic.

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