How did I miss this?

How did I miss this?

Ok I know I’ve been grieving for the last week but you’d think I’d notice bulldozers flattening land outside my window. The whole lot where the hotel is supposedly being built has been leveled. Last I heard the deal fell through although for a property that sold for 3.9 million dollars I wasn’t holding my breath that it would remain a pile of dirt. Yet when did they do this work? I’m staring out this window all day, everyday. I’m just completely baffled. It was like this

It was a pile of dirt with grassy weeds growing all around. Today I looked up and it looks like this

That takes movement. This is the scene right outside my window. How could I not see that kind of work being done? Grieving or not this is my immediate view, it would be hard not to notice. I’m wondering if it was done early in the AM when the sun first comes up. It would be the only theory I could come up with. So bizarre!!!

I wonder what the plans are now. It does look like they’d be working only on the first lot which leaves my corner (by the house) alone. That keeps the majority of my view intact, at least for now. I have my plan when and if they do build that whole corner up. I still have a great view on the other side. I just never show you that because from my chair it’s hard to get a good picture. The balcony doors always make it look faded.

It is very pretty on the other side too. It’s a beautiful day today. There is a great breeze coming into the condo from the open windows. I am sad because I miss seeing my Marshmallow’s ears on the chair as he gazes outside. He would have loved a day like this. ❤️❤️

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