Just another manic Monday

Just another manic Monday

You think I ran a marathon this morning. It’s 8 o’clock, I’m exhausted. This day is not going well at all so far. It started off with in a ms issue, that I just rather not discuss. However from past blogs, I’m sure you can do your own guessing.  What’s worse is im pretty sure I brought this problem on myself. I ate leftover curry soup I made. I thought the taste might be off, could veggies go bad in a soup? The answer is YES. I inadvertently created my own issue. Since I don’t trust my stomach and the ms, for obvious reasons, I cancelled physical therapy and will be staying home today. However I did get my weights work out in. Got to pump the arms.

I’m currently sitting in the corner of my couch, on a towel, my butt is slightly wet. Once again my sweet Zoey knocked over the coffee when I had to get up really fast.  I know, my fault, I left it on the couch. Come on, when you getting up to go somewhere, rushing, you don’t think oh coffee on couch, whatever. So now my butts wet. I finally bought a new coffee cup on Amazon. A Soeor 30 ounce tumbler with spill proof lid and straw. If this doesn’t work, I give up.

I have many calls to make today. One is to my special needs trust. This state run program is the reason I have state healthcare. Between the healthcare and the trust I’m going to have a coronary. I feel like I’m fighting with one of them every other week. I should give credit, the trust has had a good 2 month run without any issues. This month, they decided to pay my landlord 2 times. My account has a negative balance of $1800. However my statement comes in the mail, and doesn’t even show the first rent check that was cut. Very frustrating.

My next big challenge is applying for my daughter’s social security. She is deaf with bi-lateral cochlear implants. She should be eligible for some disability while she’s a student. Right now she collects under me until the age of 18. My mom has a friend who has retired for the administration and has given me a number of his college to call. I don’t know how it works. Hell, I don’t even know how it worked for me and I’ve been approved and done for a year.

So on this lovely Monday, flanked by my dogs on either side, I’ll get to making those fun filled calls. Might as well continue on this joyous morning since it’s going just so well already.  Hope everyone has a happy Monday.

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  1. I remember back when I was practicing law and I had to make routine calls to the feds, mostly on regulatory questions. My rule of thumb was allow enough time per phone call to speak to at least 5 different people in at least 2 different departments – the first four would not be the ones with the answer I needed. They were really good at forwarding calls. At least you have been productive today. I, on the other hand, can only say that it is 82° outside and the wind is blowing strong.
    Happy Monday.

    1. Amazing I got all the calls done spent the day on the phone but it’s accomplished. A lot of bull sugar responses.

  2. I wish I had a manic Monday. I have bipolar and am currently withdrawing from the drugs and depressed as hell. I could use some mania. Wish you luck with getting your benefits. I have done my share of fighting for what I am eligible for.

    1. I wish you luck in your withdrawal. Figuring out what works and doesn’t, that right mix is so difficult.

        1. When I stopped working I stopped taking 1/2 my medicine. I use to drug myself to make it through a day.

          1. I used to have so much trouble with the meds that I would be yelled at and/or sent home. I don’t react well to them and I can’t work anymore. Between the mental and the physical problems I am in constant pain. So I am on SSDI.

          2. Me too. I couldn’t between the fatigue, symptoms and driving. I just wish I’ve stabilized but I’ve still got worse

          3. I am 60 and was stable 8 months. Can’t get there again. I haven’t taken meds all my life and I got along ok. Going to try it again.

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