Doterra oils to the rescue

Doterra oils to the rescue

I’ve written so many blogs on these oils. I was a consultant trying to make a few extra dollars, that wasn’t for me but it didn’t stop me believing in the products. I have oils all over my house. There are certain ones that I use everyday, like serenity. This is still the only oil I use in my bedroom when I’m going to sleep. It works great for me and Zoey. Once we get Minx settled down, it seems to help him sleep too. I can write blog upon blog on serenity because I love this and use it every single night. I can write blog upon blog about my other favorites I use all the time like peppermint, lavender, or my new one immortelle but not today. Today is about the ones I’ve also blog numerous times about Oregano oil and OnGuard.

I woke up yesterday feeling not great. Not from MS, actually I feeling sick. The night before I felt a nasal drip starting. Come morning my chest felt tight. I wasn’t sneezing but I could feel the cold coming on. My throat was starting to hurt too. I took my drop of pure Oregano oil in water first thing in the morning. I took an OnGuard capsule instead of using the pure oil. I topped all of that off with gargling warm salt water. I used my roll-on Breathe oil which is a blend of oils that help open your chest area.

As the day went on I felt worse and worse. I must have checked my temperature 5 times thanks to Covid fears. I knew that whatever congestion I was having was certainly wet not a dry cough but Covid just makes you abnormally paranoid. I continued taking Oregano oil and OnGuard capsules throughout the day. My Breathe roller was probably used every couple of hours. By the time I went into bed, I had enough. I felt horrible by that point and was thrilled to close my eyes.

I woke up this morning and I feel so much better. There is still congestion but my throat doesn’t hurt. My chest doesn’t feel tight. The congestion is loose. I continued the regiment of Oregano, OnGuard and Breathe this morning. Compared to yesterday, I’m so much better just from natural oils. No over the counter medicine, just oil. That’s why I blog about them so much because they always work for me. That’s why I love and stand behind these oils as a consultant or as a consumer.

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