I’m a good tired

I’m a good tired

I’m tired. I start a lot of blogs like that, don’t I? I have put myself through an entire month of working out every single day. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!!! I love challenging myself through workouts. I always did.  Of course everything is completely modified because of my MS, but it’s still incredibly hard for me. On top of that though, I was busy this week. I had my friend from the building up visiting. I had the OT appointment for my wheelchair this week. My wheelchair tips from the evaluators. I had dinner with my friend I had my hair appointment yesterday plus Minx’s dog trainer. For someone that hasn’t gone out too much, that’s a lot in three days.  I think I have a right to be tired. I am thrilled to not have anywhere to go today. Although, I believe my friend from the building is coming up to watch Hamilton.

I did join the MS gym officially on Tuesday. I am so happy I did. Again I am so highly motivated by Trevor, who does this program, and his knowledge. I really highly recommend people checking this out if you have MS or any other neurological disease. These workouts are designed to strengthen your muscles and improve symptoms like spasticity. They are thought out to activate the brain and muscle memory. I’m sorry I don’t do it justice, he explains it better. There are free ones on YouTube you can checkout too. I have no affiliation with the MS gym, I am just truthfully so grateful I found him, wish I had even earlier.

I do use the workouts in conjunction with cardio workouts. Now that I completed my goal of one month, I now will stop working out one day a week. I made the decision to change how I workout and what I am eating. Working out a new way My body is definitely tired from me constantly pushing my limits but that’s what I’ve always done. I am definitely happy being back to plant based eating. I’m loving almost all the recipes I have made. Plant based eating with multiple sclerosis. My weight is a little lower but I have given up trying to loose weight. I’m sure it will come back up again. I can’t worry anymore because I am doing all the right things for me. As tired as I am, I also feel good. As good as I can get in my body. That’s all that matters.

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