Becoming non-vegan

Becoming non-vegan

Everyone around me seemed to take a deep breath now that I’m not fully vegan anymore. On Thanksgiving I let a couple of things slide, but the only things I really added to my diet is fish, low-fat ground turkey and chicken. I pulled out all rice. I’m sticking to quinoa or bulgur or the lower calorie higher fiber grains as per weight watchers.  Other than that change, I’m still making my vegan recipes. I still try to keep the sugar out, or use brown sugar, like in my coffee. I’m still trying to eat as healthy as possible just adding in the protein. I do have to say since it’s been less than two weeks, I did  given to a couple a crazy cravings. I’ve eaten a lot of corn muffins. I don’t know why that’s what I’ve been craving. Those damn muffins just keep calling my name. Corn muffins are very high in fat and are made with both butter and eggs, not very vegan. I did have a vegan recipe for this but it wasn’t the same, didn’t even compare. However I did make a deal with myself, I can have the craving for a week and that’s it. Otherwise it we will take no time before I was back eating the same junk that I used to eat.

Unfortunately, the bathroom issues are still there. They started getting worse towards the last couple months being vegan, which was another reason why I had no problem giving it up. So unfortunately, thank you to my multiple sclerosis, probably have to see a doctor anyway. It’s still better than it ever was, but it’s still a problem that can only get worse as I get worse.  I actually wonder if it’s possible that I just got worse with my MS and that’s why the issue got worse again not so much from the diet. As with anything in MS, I’m just not sure.

As far as losing weight, I lost most of what was gained in that second week but not all of it. I also am NOT on track to lose weight this week. My clothes fit me differently though, I could feel the room in them. I have to get blood work for one of the drugs that my doctor  just add onto my list. A statin  that needs a liver check. I asked her if she can write to check my hormone levels. I’m really starting to question if I’m perimenopausal. From there at least I know what needs to be done. Maybe my thyroid is having issues, god knows that one of my MS drugs effects that as well. I don’t know what else I could say. I was talking to my little sister about this and she too understands and struggles with this. She looks amazing now. She works out. She’s just a powerhouse but it’s always a struggle just like it’s always been a struggle for me. It was nice to commiserate with somebody who understands where you’re coming from. People think I’m crazy that I’m obsessed with it, it’s just like pounded somewhere in my DNA.

I could never imagine ordering a pizza with cheese and actually eating it. That was one of the benefits of this year being vegan. I really enjoyed my pizza that had the vegetables on it no cheese, I never felt like I was missing anything. I like that I cook. My meals are simple but tasty.  I wish there was a huge difference to my MS being vegan, but there really wasn’t. I am worse this year than I was at the beginning of last year. That doesn’t mean because it didn’t help me it won’t help somebody else. I’m certainly not abandoning it, it’s still gonna be my basic principle of eating, I’m just gonna be less strict.

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  1. O.K did i read this right? brown sugar in the coffee? That may be a game changer for me thank you so much. Your post was very easy to read and inspiring. I love the tone in your writing!

    1. Yes I try to stay natural and not use white sugar so I use brown or coconut or even maple sugar. I use regular cream too, the one thing I couldn’t give up being vegan.

      1. I’m really interested in the vegan w.o.e. I do keto but I’m always interested in different approaches to wellness. I’ll be checking in to read your stuff, keep it up!

  2. This was an interesting read for me, as I’ve recently stopped being vegan as well. I’m still not eating dairy, but have started eating oily fish once or twice a week. I made the changes partly because a completely vegan diet wasn’t suiting me, and also after reading the diet section of the Overcoming MS book.
    Hope the changes you’re making continue to work for you x

  3. There are no such thing as going non vegan. A person who understands the basic ethics behind being vegan would never go back. I contend that the person was never vegan. They simply followed a plant based diet. That is their choice but for me, my ethics will never change. Going on 10 years happily vegan.

    1. I respect that. Your 100% right. I followed a plant based diet. I just found most of my friends and family never understood what it meant so I used vegan. I did it for health reasons. The ethics of being a vegan I completely understand and I’m truly sorry if I offended you. I’m sure it is people like me that annoy the hell out of you so I apologize.

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