DoTERRA oils the first blog

DoTERRA oils the first blog

I’m going to have many posts about these oils in the future but because I’m packing and moving, my time is limited. Let me start by saying that my first introduction to these essential oils was at my Spirit Junkie Masterclass last year. I had a terrible headache and no medicine to help it. I ended up at the booth for DoTERRA and they put on me a mixture of something and rubbed it into my temples and hairline. Other then the peppermint, which smelled great, I have no idea what they used. They gave me a little bottle of the mix to bring home. It wasn’t until a few hours later when the headache started to return that I even realized it was gone. I’ll be honest as much as I loved the oils, I forgot about it. That little jar sat in my bathroom untouched for months.

I’m not 100% sure how, but my sister got very turned onto the oils by someone. Of course the first person she thought of was me. So I made a deal with her, I’d buy the set, it was on sale for November, but I’m very busy with the moving and you can’t bother me about the oils everyday. She asked me to do one thing, USE THEM. That I could do.

My set came with a diffuser, which I knew how to use. I decided to try a scent in it that I never heard of. My set is for health and immunity, go figure with multiple sclerosis, so I diffused on guard. It would have been fine but I didn’t understand what the oils were for. On guard is protecting your immune system if your starting to feel like you’re getting sick like Airborne. Anyway, next thing I know I’m learning about the scents. I’m using melaleuca on my rash on my feet that I had since I was a kid. It is working. The area that had steroid injections over the summer  (that seemed to do nothing) is so much lighter, I can actually see my veins which I haven’t been able to see. I’ve been diffusing these wonderful, relaxing scents. Mixing lavender, citrus and wild orange together. It’s so powerful and soothing that even my dogs were out cold. The whole apartment smells so nice. I even just bought a roll called beautiful because I’m obsessed with the smell.

Well if you want more information, contact me. I will eventually add a permanent page for the oils. Today I’m at the early stages, but as my diffuser is going and I smell the citrus and orange fills the air, I’m already being transported to a whole different place. It’s beyond anything I can describe.

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