My week in review

My week in review

First, I’m going to update you on my yesterday‘s post regarding my beautiful daughter and her boyfriend, they are back together and all is fine. It’s amazing about these two, as much as I can’t stand the relationship sometimes, they’re perfect for each other in a lot of ways. He’s just as messed up as she is. He truly loves her and she truly loves him. If they can both just grow up and communicate with each other their relationship could be a little better, but I have a feeling within two weeks the cycle will start all over again with the crying. I just don’t know which one was worse, the crying every other week or the crying every hour. Anyway I guess we just have to see how it pans out as we go, however we are on year three.

Yesterday I took my sister and her husband to see the condo. This should be the last time I see the condo now until our close date, which has still not been determined. There is an issue with the close and it’s not on our side. We have full clearance on our side to close, however she owes years of back taxes and her condo was just about in foreclosure.  Something we didn’t learn about until the title came in. Now we have to wait to see if the town will let us take title at the close, when she can make full payment. Hopefully this is not a big deal and will be done fast. When I went to see her yesterday, she explained that she was looking to be out by December 10. Her daughter was taking a trip and she was planning on being the babysitter for her grandson down in Atlanta.  The only thing is, I looked around and there’s like two boxes packed. None of the closets are packed none of her sculptures are packed. You’re talking about 15 days, how is this woman getting all this done and 15 days? Anyway, we’ll see. I do have to say that every time I go there I love it even more.  My sister and her husband loved it. They are so excited for me and I’m just so excited. I really do hope we can get in there by then. Hopefully will hear from lawyers next week because it’s the closing date I’m waiting on now.

So that’s what’s going on here. Nothing else is new, that’s more than enough. Just packing and cleaning and cooking. Oh yeah I wasn’t vegan all week, I’ll write about that tomorrow. I hope everybody has a lovely Saturday. If you’re shopping I hope you get really good deals out there.

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