And then peace was restored….maybe

And then peace was restored….maybe

If I ever thought my breakups were bad, it was just because I never experienced my child go through a breakup. Omg, this must have been the worst 36 hours of my life. I think I prefer the biweekly tears than go through these last 36 hours again.

They had a fight and her boyfriend decided he wanted a break for a week. Then my daughter got swept up by her imagination and did a drive by of his house. She was checking on who was there. Except she didn’t drive by, she parked…duh. As luck would have it, he walked outside and saw her car. The fight turned to ugly and through tears of hysterical she broke up with him. Regretted almost immediately but accepted by him. She couldn’t sleep, she hasn’t eaten. She’s been in my bed for 2 nights now. It was heartbreaking to see her go through this but it is life and there is nothing I could do.

This morning on social media he posted things directly aimed at her. It prompted her to text him. They chatted via text how they love each other and the world doesn’t turn without the other persons love, or some form of that. She is on the way to his house with a garbage bag of everything she has of him including every gift. She’s hoping for the reconciliation because they both love each other but he’s claiming he doesn’t know if he could go through this again. He isn’t good enough for her. It’s true he isn’t but I love her and it’s what she wants so I hope it works out. It’s out of my hands but I hope I get my daughter back. I hope they find their common ground for her sake.

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  1. Dear Lovetwohearts !

    Please tell your daughter that love has to be reciprocal . You can’t “make” someone love you . Better to learn that now, before there is more history between them . It is terrible as a mom to see your children in pain , sometimes I think it’s harder on us .
    My old saying ( which I taught my now 45 year old daughter ) -which has proved true-“let it go free” , and, if it is meant to be -it will come back to you. Holding on too tight-just pushes the other away.

    Good Luck -and, this too shall pass !!

    Best !


    1. I love that, I agree with that but both of these kids are messed up in their own way. They are back together as I expected and after I was tortured for two days sock for her.

  2. Heartbreaking to see your children hurting you want to take the pain away…
    You feel the pain as if we’re your own…
    Sad Jaime… So sorry.. for her?

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