Things I’m thankful for…

Things I’m thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US. We have a tradition, started by my sister, that we go around the table to say what we are thankful for each year. This year I decided to blog my list.

  1. My daughter. She is and will always be the center of my world. She is the gift I get to keep watching evolve each year and change and become the beautiful picture she is today. She is my proudest moment in any given year.
  2. My family. My family and all the extensions mean the world to me. They are my support team, cheerleaders and friends.
  3. My dogs. These bundles of joy that walk around my home that give nothing but unconditional love are instant happiness for me. I love my dogs and I’m so happy most days just being home with them on the couch.
  4. Boomer. My beloved English bulldog that passed away this last year. I’m so grateful that he was my first dog. I’m so grateful he was part of my life for almost 11 years. I’m so grateful he taught me or reminded me I’m a dog person. He was my best friend that saw me through not only my divorce but a breakup that was exceptional hard on me. He was always there. I’m so thankful for him being mine.
  5. My new Condo. Although I’m not in there yet so technically this is on next years list, we found it this year. It’s been exciting and stressful all at once. I’m excited to finally once again to be almost in a place I can call my own.
  6. The ability to not work and still pay my bills. I could never imagine working anymore. My MS has reached that point. Even though in January will technically be two years that I’m not working, I have been able to maintain my life and afford my life and what salary I am receiving. I’m so grateful for that because I couldn’t work now.
  7. My aide. I hate to admit this but the truth is I’m very grateful for the aid. I needed it. I needed the help. And I really like her. She’s very sweet to me, to my dogs to my daughter. And it does conserve a lot of energy that I would never be able to get anything done without her. I Have to be extremely grateful that I was able to get us.
  8. I’m grateful I was vegan. That might sound silly but I did it from December until November. I honestly gave it almost a full year like I set out to do. Even now I’m still never going to go back to how I was eating. I’m still eat mostly a vegan diet just have some very lowfat turkey or chicken in there and fish. I completely change the way I eat and will never go back.
  9. A Course in Miracles this book honestly changed my life. Am I a perfectly spiritual person absolutely not. However I am definitely change from where I ever was. I am happier now than I’ve ever been. And it’s not because I’m with a boyfriend or a husband, it’s because I’m finally happy with myself. Yes there still issues I have, like my obsession with weight, but I’m happy being me. I’m happy being in my own skin and I have had more happy moments and moments of clarity just sitting on my couch in a meditation that I ever had doing anything else.
  10. The years before. Without the years before I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sometimes life gives you lessons to go through so you can come out the other side. It’s a lot brighter on this side.

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