The myth we only use 10% of the brain

The myth we only use 10% of the brain

I’m sure you’ve heard somewhere reading, commercials or seeing it on the Internet, the power of the brain. When I started my spiritual journey, the talk about the brain, and the power of it, made me wonder if somehow my thinking made me sick? Did I give myself multiple sclerosis? The brain is said to have such capacity and we only use 10% of it. I  honestly could say I’ve always believed that theory. It is said that 65% of Americans believe it.  This is just two of many articles I read on the web lately that talk about this:

The brain is in amazing machine it controls everything that goes on in your body. And I mean everything!!!  When your alarm goes off, you shut it off, get out of bed, go to the bathroom urinate, go to the sink brush your teeth, all these automatic things you do every single morning  without even thinking. The brain is actively sending neurons to the right spots so that the functions of your arms, hands, feet, and legs move. This update is an automatic response, you don’t actively think about each move to make, you just do it.  At night when you’re sleeping  you’re breathing.  You’re not choking on salvia because the amount decreases while you sleep so you don’t need to swallow, all this is done by the brain. The function of the brain is the most unbelievable machine in the entire human body

After over a year of being on my spiritual journey, and hearing all that they say about the brain and manifesting, I’ve come to a conclusion; manifesting what you desire, is changing your thinking. It’s not that they tap into a different portion of the brain that other people haven’t tapped into, it’s that they look at the world in a completely different perspective. The errors and discouragements aren’t the end of the world, they’re learning curves. The look at life in such a positive way. Miracles come because they look at things from this different perspective. Enlightenment isn’t because someone learned how to use 80% of the brain function and we haven’t, it’s they have mastered looking at life differently then we do every moment of the day. They do this automatically like waking up and brushing their teeth.

Unfortunately,  I’m not savvy enough to explain all this myself. So I have included many articles that I hope you’ll check out. I’m going to included one more article that is about the automatic response.


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