This is my recent purchase. It is designed for elderly and people with little mobility. It works by moving you feet in a walking like motion. https://multipleexperiences.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/img_2425.mov

You can see how it looks from the top of my legs in this video.


My legs are definitely moving. They are not going super fast but they are getting movement.

I did this for an hour yesterday while I sat and watched TV. I had to stop because the truth was my legs were getting tired. When the machine was off my legs were all tingly. The machine is supposed to help with muscle tone and circulation. It is also supposed to help with edema which I most certainly have in both legs. I can only report on my one use but I’m excited for this machine. I think this is excellent for me to keep form as best as I can. I purchased the machine online at https://legxercise.com/. I am not affiliated with the company at all. Just wanted to pass this on to others it can maybe help.

5 thoughts on “LegXercise

  1. Thank you for your recomendation. I have all the same symptoms. I looked others up on Amazon they averaged $100 more.

    1. I know I did too before I bought this one. Most people had really good things to say about it too. It is slow but that doesn’t seem like a bad thing. In all honesty my left leg needs has a difficult time staying in a correct position so it helps me that it isn’t super fast.

  2. Might be perfect for me I’ll definitely look into. Thanks for introducing this device

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