Increasing blog exposure and gaining a following

Increasing blog exposure and gaining a following

Sitting in the backyard yesterday, I decided to do some work. I finally made a page for my blog on Facebook

I was very proud figuring it out by myself. I need to separate church from state or rather blog from person. Not that I honestly would care, since I post very little on Facebook but I was advised to do so, so I did. Now I need to build up a following.

As much as I love blogging it isn’t just about what you write, it’s about building up a following as well. To do this you need to  follow and interact with other bloggers, post and use social media and write things that people would want to read.

I’ve had one day where my blog hit 2216 views . I’ve also had some 900 view days with Vegan recipes. These posts and views were all thanks to Flipboard. I have had very little luck with Stumbled Upon although I have had one post picked up that grout in 40 views. I have had Facebook pick up a post that has produced over a 100 views but have no idea how that happened.

I am still learning and trying to build up my blog because I admit it, I’d love my blog to bring in some income one day. However it will never happen by just writing and walking away. Blogs take work, this I learned from reading other people’s blogs and reading their advice. There are some wonderful blogs out there about increasing traffic and making money.

7 thoughts on “Increasing blog exposure and gaining a following

  1. Hi ,
    Thank you so much for linking to me. Much appreciated. I also enjoyed checking out the Gay Dads site. Thanks. His info was helpful.
    Funny how you and I have been linking back and forth to each other for a while.

    1. I love sharing how to do this blog thing since I had help starting and still need help and find all the information so useful. Next thing is monetizing.

      1. Hi YouTwoHearts,
        You wrote you enjoy the help and still need help. That’s what I do at my site. I help bloggers. Did you ever follow my blog? I would love it if you followed. We could continue our connection.
        You indicated you’re interested in monetization.
        I brought you an article with 15 ideas for monetization. My monetization posts are so successful, I write about monetization now every month.
        Here is the link to the article:

        1. I already follow your blog and am certainly going to check this article out. I have you on Twitter too. Thanks so much

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