Multiple sclerosis symptoms on vacation

Multiple sclerosis symptoms on vacation

I’ve figured out the key to my feeling good everyday, or I should say as good as possible, DO NOTHING. Let everyone do everything for you so you are very rarely getting up and you could have really good days everyday. I would need to hire myself a full time assistant to do everything for me their duties would include

  • working out every morning but transferring the benefit to me
  • making and bringing me my cup coffee
  • making and bringing me my breakfast, lunch and dinner and doing all cleaning of anything prepared
  • help me get to the bathroom numerous times throughout the day
  • assist me in showering
  • assist me in getting dressed
  • take me where I need to go and wheel me around in a wheel chair. Note I wouldn’t drive nor put the wheelchair together
  • help me home again
  • take any miscellaneous tasks away from me so all I am doing is conserving both my energy and my muscles
  • take care of both dogs cleaning up any accidents the puppy makes and cleaning up their puppy areas.
  • cleaning the house daily removing any obstacles in my path
  • deal with mail, phone calls, bills, insurance issues and other miscellaneous bullshit that life brings up

It’s very unrealistic even if I was wealthy and could afford the help. It’s also unrealistic to take away my independence like that. I love my family and all they do to help. The reprieve is very nice but it’s not my life and come Sunday morning my normal life will be back in full swing.

I’ve been super strong this trip. Ive been walking the best I could possibly walk. My hands haven’t fatigued where I couldn’t hold my fork at a meal or needed someone to cut my food. I’m grateful for all these things. I am grateful because I do ask to have an MS free day without any symptoms and this is as close as I will ever get. I still had falls, still am numb, still can’t walk unaided still have MS but I do get a little break and I’m very thankful for that.



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  1. So glad to hear that! I’m glad your trip has been wonderful! I love your list, I agree it would be nice, but I’ve noticed others who have given up and have become more and more disabled. I certainly don’t want to end up like that!

    1. No. I must be honest I went to the gym did a 20 minute weight routine and my day was harder MS wise but I refuse to stop and give in. I’d rather keep moving while I can.

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