High dose biotin going on 5 months patient thoughts

High dose biotin going on 5 months patient thoughts


I submitted a link to the biotin research/clinical study that showed that it may be helpful in people with progressive forms of multiple sclerosis. I am writing from my own perspective from taking the medicine.

this excerpt is from a past blog post of mind explaining what my doctor has noticed 

I get a 100mg pill I take 3 times a day from Ace pharmacy https://highdosebiotin.net . I just completed my 4th month somewhere in the middle of my 5th month. I had a neurologist check up in back in December and in my timed walking, I was 7 seconds faster than I ever walked in her office. What does that mean? It means nothing by itself one time, but if it is maintained, it is a marked improvement. In simpler terms if I was part of a clinical trial for biotin, this 7 seconds would be seen as a improvement on a person with progressive MS. What this 7 seconds means to me, how does it effect my life? Not one bit. When I get tired doesn’t matter how fast I walk, difficulty walking is just the same. The daily struggle I have, my falls, my frustrations, they haven’t changed and walking 7 seconds faster hasn’t made a difference. You can read this post here. https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/01/03/high-dose-biotin-in-multiple-sclerosis-month-3/.

Has it changed anything? No in the long run it hasn’t, I still struggle through most of the day except when I’m sitting. However I’ve written posts about biotin in the past and I’m really starting to think that the change in my legs IS due to the biotin. I’m pretty convinced that this is the drug that is making my walking better. Originally I wasn’t sure because there were many new things I started all around the same time. I started Rituxan (the MS version Ocrelizumab coming in March),  physical therapy, and alpha Lipoic acid (also study to help MS see study link here https://multipleexperiences.org/2016/12/13/alpha-lipoic-acid-and-multiple-sclerosis/.

Once again since I’m on vacation and really am able to take advantage of the good days, have a stretch of them, it really makes me see the difference. When my legs are strong not fatigued, or for that matter when ANY part isn’t fatigue I’m walking much better. Does it last? Sure if I did nothing all day and had someone do all my bidding like I said in yesterday’s post. Realistically though NO multiple sclerosis will come in and take over as soon as the body fatigues, which at my stage is getting easier and easier. Will I stop taking biotin? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! There is definitely a difference going on and even if that difference is only five minutes most days, there will be days it will be an hour, or five hours or 8 hours.  It’s definitely worth getting for ANY multiple sclerosis patient. I hope you check out the study at the top of the page or any of my past blogs. They were honest about taking biotin  One thing I would agree with, it takes more than 3 months to see any difference so please be patient if you try it. https://multipleexperiences.org/2016/10/24/high-dose-biotin-with-progressive-ms-a-patients-review/ Remember biotin is a vitamin worse case you’ll have great hair and nails.


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