High dose biotin in multiple sclerosis month 3

High dose biotin in multiple sclerosis month 3


I submitted a link to the biotin research/clinical study that showed that it may be helpful in people with progressive forms of  multiple sclerosis. I am writing from my own perspective from taking the medicine.

I get a 100mg pill I take 3 times a day from Ace pharmacy https://highdosebiotin.net . I just completed my 3rd month. I had a neurologist check up in December and in my timed walking, I was 7 seconds faster than I ever walked in her office. What does that mean? It means nothing by itself one time, but if it is maintained, it is a marked improvement. In simpler terms if I was part of a clinical trial for biotin, this 7 seconds would be seen as a improvement on a person with progressive MS. What this 7 seconds means to me, how does it effect my life? Not one bit. When I get tired doesn’t matter how fast I walk,  difficulty walking is just the same. The daily struggle I have, my falls, my frustrations, they haven’t changed and walking 7 seconds faster hasn’t made a difference. HOWEVER on my good days, and I still have some, I am good, really good. I feel almost like I can do anything. Those days, I’ve noticed, are when I’m away with my mom, step dad, at my sisters…no one lets me do anything and I’m not constantly up and down a million times like I am when I’m home alone. Less movement=better days but it’s not realistic so I can’t count that.  I’m very use to the issues with my legs, they have been my issue for most of my time with MS that I don’t focus on them much. I don’t always notice when something is better even if it is just marginally. I think I must admit though my legs, providing they haven’t reached a fatigue point, MAY have a slight improvement. Again since I’m so focused on all that’s wrong with my arms and hands, it may be unnoticed. Now is this due to the biotin? It is possible but I’m also in physical therapy as well, might be a combination might even be rituxan (which is a form of Ocrelizumab the MS drug version coming in 2017) that I started taking.  There are a lot of variables that it could be one or a combination. Has it changed anything? No in the long run it hasn’t, I still struggle through most of the day except when I’m sitting. The benefits are very marginal at best. However I’ll take those marginal gains because even one 5 minute interval of less of a struggle is better than no interval.

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