Life goes back to normal

Life goes back to normal

I’ve never been so excited to set my alarm for 6 o’clock in the morning. These last couple of weeks have been a series of emotions that have worn me down. There of been good,there of been awful, but it just wore me out. I know most of you don’t know me, other than what you read, but I haven’t worked out in two weeks. I can’t tell you a time in over six years where I have it worked out for two weeks. I can’t tell you what time in over six years where I haven’t worked out in a week. I was very off my game, out of my routine, uneasy and unhappy. Losing my dog sent me into a complete depression for a couple of days. I’m now finally a week later more coming to terms with it and finally not crying. However, completely amazed at this universe that they would put a puppy in my world, one week before my beloved dog died. If I ever doubted this universe before, this event would make me believe. I’ll even let you in on a little secret, back in June actually June 2, 2016, I wrote to somebody about a dog. My daughter and I were thinking about getting a third dog, a black pug. I was really contacting people about it. Then I decided no this isn’t the time I’m not feeling good blah blah blah. She has hounded me for a dog ever since. Then here a week before my dog died, the universe gives me this puppy. It is really truly an amazing thing. This week I may have resented her actually, I felt she was the reason why my other dog died. I know it wasn’t a rational thought but I couldn’t understand why he he died so suddenly. Now of course I see her as a precious gift given to us all myself, my daughter,and my second dog marshmallow, to help us heal.

Tomorrow my daughter goes back to school and my schedule goes back to normal. I told her she has the puppy from the hours of 6 AM to 7 AM. That is my time my exercise time which I’ve been lacking. Tomorrow my life goes back to normal again because it has too. I’ve become set in my routines. I worked for in a nursing home for so many years. Routine used to be so important to those that were there, especially with an Alzheimer or dementia diagnosis. But it’s very important to me with my multiple sclerosis too. I need that ritual a repetition of knowing what to do, when I’m doing it when I’m home and when I’m finished. It just helps to keep me grounded. My world fell was disrupted by a puppy then broken by Boomer’s death. I feel more normal again. Puppy is a puppy but she is adjusting well. Potty training is going better. My home is sadder without Boomer’s presence butit gets a little easier each day. He will always be missed nothing will change that. Tomorrow I am putting my life back together to its normal routine. I’m as always, grateful to family and friends for their support and for the miracles of the universe that brought me what I need.

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