Coming to you live from Florida

Coming to you live from Florida

In today’s special edition Multiple Experiences blog we are on location in sunny Florida. Well ok so far it’s slightly overcast and 67 degrees but there are Palm trees, how bad could that be? I’m sitting next to my dad in his backyard at his little table. My first cup of coffee is long gone. It’s amazing how enjoyable a cup coffee can be in another state and without a puppy fur ball named Zoey trying to drink it. Dads reading the paper next to me in his robe finishing his second cup of coffee. We were chatting before. The conversation started about him in college ended somewhere around the philosophy of the Islamic Culture in India. I love that about my dad a conversation can start and end on such different dimensional planes. Sometimes you need an elevator to keep up.

This is my favorite spot of their house. Looking outside. I was excited to blog here. Not that my blogs were going to have an in depth transformational meaning but maybe I’ll have a great vocabulary usage. It really is just so calm and peaceful out here and that’s what I love. I have no where like this in New York in my home. I like listening to the everyday noises of birds, people in golf carts, a distant plane. Then it kind of silences again. That’s the calming part. I love reading out here but it never fails I always stop and look up, gaze around. I’m not looking at anything in particular just feeling at peace and enjoying the view. It’s definitely a good life while it’s February and it’s not hot and humid. Then Florida becomes a whole different ballgame unenjoyable for me and multiple sclerosis. So far my first day breaks down like this:

  • Vegan diet ✔️ Except for 5 red Swedish Fish and 4 gummy coke bottles I was on point
  • MS ✔️ Except for falling off the curb directly outside the airport in front of my traumatized Aunt and Uncle and about 100+ strangers.
  • Slept well✔️ Except in the dark I couldn’t set up my iPad to listen to my show to fall asleep to and knocking everything over numerous times before I was finally able to settle down
  • Everything was packed✔️Except I forgot my hair brush

We are all going to the gym in a bit and then my daughter is getting her favorite breakfast of French toast which she has talked for months. The country club has her favorite French toast in the world. After that we will see  have a happy day  


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