I’m leaving on a jet plane

I’m leaving on a jet plane

I’m all packed up and ready to go. My daughter Mikayla and I are going to Florida to visit my dad and stepmom.  I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even gone to the airport yet. My final morning items had to be packed all while watching the puppy. Zoey wasn’t being very cooperative to say the least. I just picked up the dog sitter now. I’m very lucky I have her. She loves my dogs almost as much as I do. Well maybe not as much but definitely a lot.

My step dad will be getting us shortly for the airport. We are submitting our breakfast order now. At the airport I will have a wheelchair to get me to through security and to the gate. Since we will be early mikayla will take over wheelchair duties and we will shop. JetBlue has a nice terminal in New York. Brighton is my favorite store I love to browse there for things I don’t need. Mikayla loves the mini cupcakes Baked by Melissa. $25 for 20 tiny bite size cupcakes.

I get to board early because it takes me extra time. Ha if they only knew. The airplane is easy since it’s so small I have things to hold on to. Everything else is hard. I am traveling with my lightweight walker. My stepmom has arranged for a wheelchair for me to use in Florida. When I land today the weather should be sunny and 79 degrees.

My posts for the week will come to you live from sunny Florida. Everyone enjoy your week. I’m on my way.

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