I love my condo

I love my condo

I love where I live. I’m sure I’ve said this 1000 times but I just have to repeat it again. I love everything about my condo. I love waking up with the sun shining into my room and standing up seeing the sun glistening off the water in the channel. I love seeing the boats. I love watching out my living room window out to the balcony seeing the whole open ocean both when it’s calm in the morning or busy in the afternoon. I just love the water.

I love how it is the perfect size for me. I can get around so easily with my walker but just as easily with my wheelchair. It is like it was made specially for me. This layout and how we furnished the condo was so perfect to make my life easily maneuverable for my best and worst MS days.

My car is parked right next to the walkway to the door. The elevator is right past the doors and my condo is right off the elevator. This location couldn’t be easier. Plus I only have neighbors on one side and it is very quiet. If you take my elevator downstairs I’m in the main building that has the gym, pool and card room. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

I had a vision board of what I wanted made years ago. This condo building was on my vision board because I was watching condos for sale for years. Here I am sitting in this place that was so perfect for me I couldn’t have asked for anything additional. I am sitting in my condo made perfect for me and my life. I’m so happy.

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