Swimming to music

Swimming to music

I was told about an underwater MP3 player I could wear while swimming by my friend Dix over at https://www.wheniswimfoundation.com/. Originally he told me about the Finis Duo which I bought but never used. I returned it for the sole reason it was a little pricey and I saw something that cost a lot less. I wanted to try that first. I bought the SYRYN which was half the price. . The reviews were even better than the Finis. The main reason I switched was I swim in an indoor pool where I’m usually the sole swimmer. I don’t necessarily need something like the Finis that doesn’t go in your ears leaving you to hear other things around you. After each lap, I pop up out of the water and see my aid or my daughter or anyone who is with me. I can also just about stand in my whole pool. It is easier for me than my friend Dix who is swimming out in these lakes and swimming miles. I’m still working on swimming my first mile.

It was super easy to move my iTunes songs onto the device. I just dragged them. However iTunes drags them as MP4 files. I easily found a converter for free online that makes the MP4 files MP3 files and then copied those. It took me no time to get this done.I did have some tactical issues because one of the earphones didn’t stay in my ear right but then I read the tip after swimming. I’ll know for the next time but my earphones actually didn’t get sound in both left and right buds. I had to call customer service which picked up really quickly and they’re sending me out a replacement at no cost. It worked out really well though swimming with the one earbud I heard perfectly in the water and then it still serve the purpose that I could hear everything around me anyway.

I loved hearing my music swimming. Why did I wait so long to get this thing. It just made the laps so much more enjoyable. To bad my Fitbit was out of battery power and only registered 48 laps. I think I was still shy of my mile goal but I will get there soon enough.

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