My daughter’s dying car

My daughter’s dying car

My daughter is leaving to go back to school on Sunday. Her boyfriend is a mechanic and took her car for an oil change, tire rotation and to look at the transmission which has been giving her problems for a bit. Never really telling anyone else that the problem existed, after she got the car back, the problem was worse. With her about to leave for school I made her take her car in to transmission looked at. Sure enough her transmission was about to go. The car is 7 years old with 80k miles on it. WTF. To make matters completely worse because it is a hybrid the engine transmission cost to repair was around $5000. Holy Ship!!!! She is now leaving for school in 3 days with a car that could completely breakdown at anytime. To fix the transmission would cost more than the trade in value of the car. Now what. I was literally swimming in the pool when this news came through.

So I called my mom because I always do when things go wrong. She said we should go to someone that only deals with transmissions. So I got out of the pool and got quickly into a shower and dressed. Out we went to the transmission place for them to look at the car. They weren’t very hopeful either, but we’re going to look at it anyway. My daughter and I went off to look at cars. What were we going to do? We went first to Jeep since that was her dream car but they couldn’t get close enough in a price. Even though I was beyond exhausted, I was right by the parkway to go to the Honda dealership, so we went.

I spoke to two very nice people around my age and discussed the situation. The good thing is there was a Honda my daughter really liked a lot which would be perfect if we could get the price we need. First they needed to see the car. Honda didn’t care about the transmission although he pretended I didn’t say anything. Back we went to the transmission place to get her car. By this point I couldn’t do anymore. My body was done. Without rest from swimming, running around with my daughter and the heat, I was fatigued. My MS really kicked in to high gear and I couldn’t help my daughter anymore in person.

She took the car herself and the rest was done with phone calls to me. I can’t thank those two people at Honda who went to bat for us getting her into this Honda HRV for the low $200’s. They both also have kids in college. She will have a great, safe car to go to school with. We pick it up on Saturday.

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  1. You also have a brother who manages an auto parts store. Good thing you didn’t get a Jeep because Jeeps are the reason we’re in business!

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