The energy tank is empty

The energy tank is empty

I have nothing left this week. I’m just drained of all my energy. No spoons left, no reserve and no choice. We are picking up my daughter’s new car this morning so I’m up, dressed and ready to go again. I am sure it will be at least an hour signing all the paperwork and driving myself home again. Tonight is a family dinner before she leaves for school.

I need a down day, I need a few down days. I actually planned this last week to have them but it didn’t work out that way. I was woken up almost every night by my daughter’s anxiety and tears about leaving again and then running around unexpectedly with her car. I needed time off to regroup as so many of us with chronic illnesses can understand and relate too but it just didn’t happen. Now I’m running on fumes.

My daughter really wanted me there tonight so she is going to come home and help me get ready for dinner. At least I’ll have help. Tomorrow I normally workout in the AM and then relax. That is still my plan but we will see how it goes. This is a rough day ?.

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