Not feeling good

Not feeling good

I’m just having a tough couple of days. I am just so tired and my body isn’t recovering yet. I hate this feeling but I can’t even complain. I haven’t felt like this in a long, long time when my energy is drained for so many days in a row. It is a horrible feeling but I do have the means now to make things easier for me.

Yesterday I did manage to do my Turbo Jam Beachbody workout. I just never recovered. I stayed in my wheelchair for the entire day. I went into bed by 7pm and was asleep by 8. I unfortunately woke up frequently to use the bathroom but I slept until 8am. I’m still exhausted.

I have to take my baby girl Zoey to the vet this morning and I’m going to attempt to get in the pool for a little but that’s it. I don’t have any other plans until Thursday for mahjong. I hope I can bounce back because I can’t function too well. Tomorrow is always a new day. I’m just trying to keep my smile on my face.

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