Staying in bed

Staying in bed

Writing this from the comfort of my bed. I am hoping a day in bed recharged my batteries. I know it might not help but I am going to stay in bed anyway. Unfortunately I was woken up at 8am from my security booth with another aid appearing at my house. Made no sense and was severely aggravated by the mistake. After 10 phone calls the situation was handled but I had to be woken up to fix it all.

I got my babies with me

Which always makes bedtime a happy time. Now I’m going to grab a humpty doll and try to go back to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Staying in bed

  1. Good morning ans congrats on one of the best decisions we humans can take anytime on the cheap. Yes, stay in bed and enjoy it to the hilt. My kids and I coined a new term in Spanish for that hobby. We dubbed as : “vaconeando” and derives from the word “vaca” (cow) It alludes to the nonchalant attitude that adopt most cows in the immense pastures of Argentina and Uruguay, grazing for hours and then laying on the shade of a tree canopy, They look very happy indeed. Perhaps they really know how to enjoy life. A big kiss to you and your daughter. Arrivederci.

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