Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity

Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity

What’s your worst and MS symptom, besides fatigue ?  At first I would’ve always answered the numbness, but eventually you get used to it. Not used to it in the sense that it feels normal, use to it in the sense that this is how it is. My hands and fingers are so numb all the time. I’ve lost all tactile feeling and sometimes can’t tell the difference  between an item that is wet or dry, cotton or silk and sometimes I even drop things that I think are in my hand. As frustrating as that is it’s still not the worst. For me, it’s my spasticity. Spasticity and spasms. Spasticity is a symptom of multiple sclerosis that causes your muscles to feel stiff, heavy and difficult to move. A spasm is a sudden stiffening of a muscle which may cause a limb to kick out or jerk towards your body. It comes and goes and it’s not consistent and for that I’m extremely grateful, but when it comes it’s very difficult.  It’s  the only time I ever have pain with MS. From the other blogs I read though, my pain is minimal compared to others. That doesn’t mean it isn’t bad.

I’ve had difficulty sleeping for the last couple nights.  It’s partly because of the tendinitis in my shoulder. The pain brings out my symptoms. My back is in spasms and is so tight it just aches all night. Wakes me up. I’m back to taking ibuprofen through the night along with baclofen and gabapentin. It’s like someone twisted all my muscles onto a fork like spaghetti. Usually the pain travels and causes me to get headaches. The episodes can last for day, weeks and it has even lasted months. It comes and goes, no warning. No massage works because it doesn’t help release it. Marijuana helps to numb it. I have the NYS marijuana card but have yet to make a legitimate purchase. It really is an awful feeling.

Now I’m tired, cranky and uncomfortable and can’t do much about it and still get stuff done for the day. Thankfully it’s only my back and not my legs too. One area of spasticity is enough. The mini back seizure that’s like heat waves that spread through my back paralyzing my hands and legs for an instant because I moved the wrong way, that’s around. However legs spasms and twitches are quiet. Lucky me. Just another day in the life with multiple experiences.

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  1. I have started using a teaspoon of mustard at night time. Sounds weird, huh? Sometimes I need more than one, but works great! Of course the magic ingredient is the tumerick. But mustard is cheaper!

  2. My spasticity is worse in the morning when I get up. After shuffling 5 or so minutes it starts to ease. I do take anti-spasticity medication before bedtime and have done so for a while so not sure how bad I’d be without in the morning. My body gets really stiff always after a nap but I can cope with it.

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