A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

They have an App!!! Where was this thing last year. It has the entire workbook on it. What really is great about it is the settings. Everyday the workbook has lessons and each lesson has a set interval of practices throughout the day. The app is set to know based on which days lesson you are on, what the interval schedule. When the reminders are turned on, it automatically chimes at each scheduled interval. You can, of course change, the interval times as needed.

Like today’s lesson I’m on lesson 31 again; I am not a victim to the world around me. This lesson requires 2 long practice periods, one in the morning and one the evening. When I say long, at this point in A Course in Miracles, that’s about 3-5 minutes. However, this one also states to try to repeat the idea for today as often as possible throughout the day. The settings default to every 8 minutes but even I know that is excessive. I set mine to every 15 minutes. When the chimes go off, I know what to remember. Last year when I did the course the first time, I’d go somewhere get involved and completely forget the lessons for the day. Now even if I am not able to repeat the thought or close my eyes, etc, when the chimes ring, I remember the lesson even if for the second. If I missed a reminder, the app is set up, with a time frame of my choosing, so I’ll here the chime for the next reminder.  I remember last year, I’d repeat certain days because I forgot to do the lesson the entire day. Life gets in the way and i got sidetracked. Now I don’t!!!

Another plus is the full text reading is available on the app for each lesson. The first screen you choose which lesson your doing. The second screen is your settings. The third is the full text. Fourth screen is the reminder screen. This shows what you should be doing in each practice period. This day’s example was simple sometimes they have more to do. The final screen is a shot of all your reminder times.

If you were ever interested in A Course in Miracles I highly recommend doing it through the app. After having done the full course and reading the book. I recommend the workbook first and reading the book second. The app cost $5.99 and it was the best money I spent.


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