Beachbody on demand, workout with MS

Beachbody on demand, workout with MS

Go Me!!! I haven’t worked out on my own since sometime in June thanks to my shoulder tendonitis. Against my will, every time I tried to do something I felt it in my shoulder and I knew if I continued, the pain would be back until I ended up needing another cortisone shot. A shot I’m only allowed to receive once every 3 months. It killed me to stop. I worked out 6 days a week for years. I had to constantly adapt my workouts based on my degree of MS disability but I never let it get in the way. It was my own personal “me” time. It cleared my head. I made the decision to try again this morning to see how my shoulder would feel. Could I possibly have rested it enough for the tendons to heal?

If I’m not doing Zumba, I’m doing beachbody. I love Tony Horton, Shaun T or Charlene Johnson, but they have many trainers and many videos to choose from. 

I pay $42 every three months for the subscription and get all this. I have the amazon fire tv and beachbody even has an app so I get the videos through my TV, pretty cool. Today I did Shaun T’s Cize. 

Some people have said, Cize is dancing, moving your feet, how can you do that with MS? I’ve adapted the program and I sit and kind of bop in a chair. I do all the arm movements. Is it the greatest workout? No but I’m moving and that’s what counts. It still brings my heart rate up and exhausts me and I feel better doing it.

This morning I got through a 30 minute routine without any pain. Not even a tweak of a uncomfortable feeling. I’m going to try again tomorrow and see how that goes and evaluate from there. The routine as expected did exacerbate my MS symptoms and I had to sit on the couch for a while resting. I couldn’t even start my blog for a few hours but I expected that. It’s my shoulder, I’m hoping my shoulder has finally healed and I can finally bring back my morning workout routine again. I need that time for myself to feel like I’m moving again. I helps me fight my MS and say NO to letting my disability take over. It’s my “me” time and I’ve missed it.


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