Multiple Sclerosis complications

Multiple Sclerosis complications

I recently read a blog that actually talked about MS and death

What  struck me on this blog is something that I always say, MS won’t kill me. The blogger wrote, MS won’t directly kill you but MS complications are the cause of many deaths. That got my attention. Never thought of it like that. Made me think of my blog post I wrote…

Multiple sclerosis serious symptoms-respitory issues

There are serious symptoms with MS that can cause many problems. According to Everyday Health

MS Complications

Bladder problems are very common in people with MS, affecting at least 80 percent of them, according to the National MS Society.

Some people have trouble holding their urine (incontinence), while others can’t fully empty their bladder (retention).

This bladder dysfunction may also lead to kidney infections.

If microbes find their way into the bloodstream, the infection can cause sepsis, a whole-body inflammation that, in turn, may cause organ failure and death.

In fact, sepsis may be the biggest cause of MS-related deaths, according to a 2014 report in the journal PLoS One.

Sometimes, people with MS have trouble chewing and swallowing. This can allow foods and liquids to deposit in the lungs.

That may lead to a potentially fatal complication: aspiration pneumonia, which develops from inflammation and fluid accumulation in the lungs.

MS may also cause the respiratory muscles to become weakened, reducing airway clearance, which raises the risk of lung and other respiratory tract infections.

Lung infections were the second-biggest cause of MS-related deaths, PLoS One reported in 2014; other research gives it the top spot.

I never really thought about it like that. I never put MS into that kind of category but that blog and my own research made it very real. I’m certainly not saying to pack your bags in your leaving on the next train, but be aware. Take care of yourself. Strengthen your muscles as best you can. Pay attention to the medicine your taking, to the possible side effects. Don’t ignore things. Stay safe and healthy. This was a horrible topic to talk about but very real nonetheless.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I had heard before that MS won’t kill you and then heard of deaths due to MS. It is definitely to be very mindful of all medications we take and really that is true for anyone, some medications have horrible side effects and so interact with each other in a negative way. I am so glad you put this post out there for everyone to read and I am sure it has made people more aware of what could happen if you are not careful and do not take all precautions you are able to. I hope you are doing well!!!

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