A UTI and some morning BS…TGIF

A UTI and some morning BS…TGIF

I had a rough night on Thursday. I was up every hour to use the bathroom. I’d wake up and not be able to make the six steps to my bathroom before the accident occurred. I had 4 accidents that night. So happy I have a washer and dryer in my apartment. When I got up in the morning I took my dogs downstairs to their dog run. I like to try to walk the steps at least once a day, kind of like my therapy and I couldn’t lift either leg AT ALL. First thing in the morning this was unusual. I thought, “Can I have a UTI?” I didn’t feel any other pain or symptom but who knows what I feel down there anymore. With a neurologist appointment on Tuesday afternoon, I figured I better rule it out. They found white blood cells in my urine but I was negative for a UTI. The doctor felt based on my conversation that there was an infection there so she decided to treat me with antibiotics anyway. She figured we’d know in a few days if the MS symptoms got better. Plus then when the neurologist asks, “could it possibly be a UTI?” I had an answer. I got through last night like I usually do. No accidents and I only got up 2 times. I was hoping now my legs would be better too but when I tried to walk upstairs, it was the same. Today is normally physical therapy but it’s actually humid and muggy here, not ideal for my MS. Once again I decided not to push it.

Good thing I did because my landlord wrote me at 8:15 that my rent check bounced. I pay this through a 3rd party special needs trust. Every month I fund the trust and every month they pay my rent. I paid two checks this month a credit card and rent. After monthly fees were collected my account has $23.99 left. They get funded on 24th of every month. It was impossible that my check bounced but what bounced is the 3rd parties check. My account is a ledger account all money is deposited into a main account and on ledgers they credit the correct account. When checks are written, they are written on the main account and ledger transactions debit them from the correct accounts. All this is tied out and balanced monthly.  How do I know? I did this for my residents account in the nursing home I worked at for 13 years. However, the 3rd parties account being overdrawn is very unsettling. I had to give my landlord a check for rent while I figure this out now…great. Happy Friday

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