Good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine

I’m very chipper this morning. I slept in. Both dogs let me sleep until 8:00. However, most importantly, my leg strength, or I should say what normal strength they have, came back. I stopped using the bathroom a million times throughout the night and I haven’t had any accidents since Thursday. The chances that I really did have a UTI and needed the antibiotics are pretty good. The doctor even said in two days you’ll know because your MS symptoms will get better. Today I feel as good as I can feel.

I am in a super happy and peaceful place. I’m playing catch or fetch with Zoey with her little squeaking tennis ball while Marshy is barking at a dog passing by the house. A normal morning but today they are just making me smile. My daughter is home for the weekend still sleeping. I figure I have another hour before she wakes up and maybe the sunshine in my mood may get altered. She has to start writing a 12 page paper and needs lots of help. I told her today we are going to begin it and I want her undivided attention. Have you ever seen what undivided attention means to an 18 year old? I can tell you it’s not good. I hope I’m still smiling by the end of the afternoon. Have a lovely Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Good morning sunshine

  1. Hi Jamie, very glad to see that you’re feeling better today, hope the rest is as sunny! Enjoy reading your blogs, have learned a lot from them & have even used your information for a client! Keep up the good work & remain strong????

  2. I am happy to hear you are feeling better today! That is great you have the feeling back and I hope it stays around! I can not imagine the attention span of an 18 year old but I guess I would think it was not all that great!
    Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother that is willing to help her with such a long paper!!
    I wish you lots of luck with the paper and I hope the rest of your weekend goes very well!!
    Take care and remember to rest!!
    Always, Alyssa

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