I’m going spiritual today

I’m going spiritual today

Marianne Williamson had a wonderful quote in her lecture yesterday, “hate recruits and love doesn’t recruit enough.” How different the world would be if people were just nice. Once again another attack happened in NYC a truck driver just mowed down 8 bikers in the name of ISIS. 8 people whose lives were cut short for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Countless others hurt. Such a senseless act that has left families broken, grieving and weeping. The Las Vegas shootings were 30 days before. When does these senseless acts end? How do they end? They aren’t going to end in my lifetime, probably not in my daughter’s lifetime, maybe her daughter’s but that’s doubtful. This is the world we live in.

Why is there so much hate? In a Course of Miracles we are taught there is only love and that anything that isn’t from a place of love isn’t real. I’m sure if I told that to those 8 families that lost a loved one yesterday they’d throw bricks at me. Their family members are really dead, that’s real. It is meant spiritually. On a spiritual level, only love exists. On a spiritual level, there is no fear because nothing can hurt you. On a spiritual level, you live on long after your material body has decomposed and has died. On a spiritual level, you exist on a different understanding and acceptance.

Spirituality takes work. To change your thoughts and how you think takes time. It is a practice that never ends. I do spiritual work everyday. I center myself every morning. Do I mess up, absolutely. That is also important to do your best each day and forgive your mistakes. A Course of Miracles changed my life. I am happy. I am happy with simple things. I’m surrounded by love and I give love to everyone around me. The people that have entered my life, over the past few years, have all brought more love into my life. I’m so grateful for the new friends and acquaintances. I’ve become more grateful for my family and friends that have always been there. We are all supposed to be happy. It took me a long time to learn how to be happy but I got there. Spirituality has helped me become happy within me.

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  1. My goodness I really think the world is way too full of hate. I do not understand what is going on with all the senseless killings. I also do not understand all the horrible acts with those that are different from one another. It is 2017 not 1917 when certain things were openly hateful towards others. For me personally, I treat everyone equally. I do not look at race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else that may be different than me, I only look at how people respect each other. I also sadly agree with you, I do not see anything changing anytime soon. I may be wrong but I do not remember so much hatred when I was a little girl. In high school there was a school shooting and it shocked me. I could not understand what was going on! I guess all we can really do is hope for something to change for the better not worse. Thank you for your post! What you have wrote is what so many are thinking but just do not speak out about it! Take care and continue to hope for a better future!!!!!

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